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Indian Marble

Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. We offer these beautiful indian marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purpose. Generally indian is highly demand in pure white colour. We also export white indian marble, pink, gold, onyx and more other colours. Nataraj Marbles supplying these beautiful indian marble in reasonable rates.


Agria White

Albeta Dunguri(Makrana)



Udaipur Pink

Opal White Marble

Pearl White Marble

Lady Purple Marble

White Panther Marble

Marine Black Marble

Forest Green Marble

Ocean Green Marble

Spider Green Marble

Jaisalmer Yellow Marble

Pink Onyx Marble

Lady Onyx Marble

Rainforest Green Marble

Rain Forest Brown Marble

Rainforest Gold Marble

Katni Beige Marble

Raymond Marble

Toronto Marble


Granite remains our most popular surface choice because of its durability and overall pleasing beauty. We have the perfect granite countertop for your project whether your granite countertop needs are for your kitchen, bathroom, or other surface.Our best granite famous for combination of beauty and it's finishing.

North Granite

Bala Flower

Cherry Brown

Chima Pink

Crystal Yellow

Desert Brown

Imperial Gold

Jhansi Red

Merry Gold

New Imperial Red

Rosy Pink

South Granite

Absolute Black

Black Forest

Black Galaxy

Cats Eye

Himalayan Blue

Imperial White

Ivory Brown

Kashmir Gold

Kashmir White

Madurai Gold

Raw Silk

River White

Ruby Red

Tan Brown

Tropical Green Granite


Soapstone is a unique stone which is generally softer than granite and marble. It feels very soft or “soapy” to the touch which is how it got its name. Soapstone is not as commonly used as granite but it had wide uses in countertops and fireplace surrounds. It absorbs, retains and radiates heat because it is a very dense material. Soapstone has a very soft and smooth look and feel and gives the room a very warm feel. Nataraj marbles producing high-priority sandstone, its most popular stone for exterior flooring. Sandstone We also offer an exclusive range of natural quality sandstones such as gold, red and teakwood sandstone.

Agra Red Sandstone

Dholpur Beige

Rainbow Sandstone

Gwalior Mint Sandstone

Teakwood Sandstone

Dholpur Pink Sandstone


Slate is very attractive, durable, and non-porous, making it one of the easiest countertop materials to care for and maintain as it does not require sealing. It has a stylish uniform look that is ideal for modern design settings.
At Nataraj Marbles, our service, equipment, and materials are second to none. If you want premium quality stone coupled with the experience and technological ability to produce your specific project, look no further than Nataraj Marbles.

Deoli Green

Jack Black

Jeera Green

Kund Multi

Tiles (Wall & Floor)

When it comes to tiling a floor space, there are several paths you can take. You could create a captivating checkerboard effect or, alternatively, you could invite the natural look into your home. Our Wood Effect Tiles are perfect for floor areas, and are alive with knots and realistic wood grain. Browse our selection today.

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Designer Wall Tiles

Elevation Tiles

Wood Looks Wall Tiles

Glass Tiles

3d Wall Tiles